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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

500. PEROVSKITE SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES. A.C. Ferrari, G. Kakavelakis, K. Dimos, C. O'Riada, L. Occhipinti.; US20220359824A1 (2022). (pdf).

499. Chip-Scalable, Graphene-Based Terahertz Thermoelectric Photodetectors. L. Viti, M. Asgari, E. Riccardi, O. Balci, D. De Fazio, S. M. Shinde, J. Zhang, S. Mignuzzi, F. H. Koppens, A. C. Ferrari, M. S. Vitiello.; In 47th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) (pp. 1-2). IEEE. (2022). (pdf).

498. Resistive Switching Crossbar Arrays Based on Layered Materials. M. Lanza, F. Hui, C. Wen, A. C. Ferrari.; Advanced Materials (2022): 2205402. (pdf).

497. Terahertz photodetection in scalable single-layer-graphene and hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures. M. Asgari, L. Viti, O. Balci, S.M. Shinde, J. Zhang, H. Ramezani, S. Sharma, A. Meersha, G. Menichetti, C. McAleese, B Conran, X. Wang, A. Tomadin, A.C. Ferrari, M.S. Vitiello.; Appl. Phys. Lett. 121, 031103 (2022). (pdf).

496. Unbiased Plasmonic-Assisted Integrated Graphene Photodetectors. I. Vangelidis, D.V. Bellas, S. Suckow, G. Dabos, S. Castilla, F.H.L. Koppens, A.C. Ferrari, N. Pleros, E. Lidorikis.; ACS Photonics, 9, 1992 (2022). (pdf).

495. Moiré Modulation of Van Der Waals Potential in Twisted Hexagonal Boron Nitride. S. Chiodini, J. Kerfoot, G. Venturi, S. Mignuzzi, E.M. Alexeev, B.T. Rosa, S. Tongay, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, A.C. Ferrari, A. Ambrosio.; ACS Nano 16, 7589 (2022). (pdf).

494. Thermionic graphene/silicon Schottky infrared photodetectors. S. Doukas, P. Mensz, N. Myoung, A. C. Ferrari, I. Goykhman, E. Lidorikis; Phys. Rev. B 105, 115417 (2022). (pdf)SI (pdf).

493. Mapping the complex refractive index of single layer graphene on semiconductor or polymeric substrates at Terahertz frequencies. V. Pistore, O. Balci, J. Zhang, S.M. Schinde, A. Meersha, A.C. Ferrari, M.S. Vitiello; 2D Mater. 9, 025018 (2022). (pdf).

492. Electrically-tuneable non-equilibrium optical response of graphene. E.A.A. Pogna, A. Tomadin, O. Balci, G. Soavi, I. Paradisanos, M. Guizzardi, P. Pedrinazzi, S. Mignuzzi, K.-J. Tielrooij, M. Polini, A.C. Ferrari, G. Cerullo.; ACS Nano 16, 3613 (2022). (pdf).

Latest news

Cambridge Graphene Centre: a springboard for talents

2 March 2023

Image caption: CGC alumni clockwise from top left: Ellen Smith, Anna Ott, Silvia Milana, Flavia Tomarchio The mission of the Cambridge Graphene Centre is to investigate the science and technology of graphene, carbon allotropes, layered crystals and hybrid nanomaterials. Throughout its first decade as a locus for pioneering...

Graphene Goes to Space and to the Moon

9 December 2022

New rocket and lunar experiments involving graphene are informing space exploration. Applying graphene to the wheels of the Rashid moon rover will reveal whether this super strong material is also ‘Moon-proof’. Meanwhile, testing graphene-inks in a sounding rocket will test their ability to enable 3D printing in space –...