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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

458. Layered material platform for surface plasmon resonance biosensing. F. Wu, P. A. Thomas, V. G. Kravets, H. O. Arola, M. Soikkeli, K. Iljin, G. Kim, M. Kim, H. S. Shin, D. V. Andreeva, C. Neumann, M. Küllmer, A. Turchanin, D. De Fazio, O. Balci, V. Babenko, B. Luo, I. Goykhman, S. Hofmann, A. C. Ferrari, K. S. Novoselov & A. N. Grigorenko. Sci. Rep. 9, 20286 (2019). (pdf).

457.  Graphene is on track to deliver on its promises. T. Reiss, K. Hjelt, A.C. Ferrari. Nature Nanotech. 14, 907 (2019). (pdf).

456. Graphene/Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Coatings for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding. C. Vallés, X. Zhang, J. Cao, F. Lin, R.J. Young, A. Lombardo, A.C. Ferrari, L. Burk, R. Mülhaup, I.A. Kinloch. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2, 5272 (2019). (pdf). 

455. Real-time observation of the intravalley spin-flip process in single-layer WS2. Z. Wang, A. Molina-Sánchez, P. Altmann, D. Sangalli, D. De Fazio, G. Soavi, U. Sassi, F. Bottegoni, F. Ciccacci, M. Finazzi, L. Wirtz, A. C. Ferrari, A. Marini, G. Cerullo, S. Dal Conte. EPJ Web of Conferences 205, 05012 (2019).

454. Excitonic Effects in Single Layer MoS2 Probed by Broadband Two-dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy. M. Maiuri, S. D. Conte, M. Russo, J. Wang, G. Soavi, D. Dumcenco, A. Kis, M. Selig, S. Khun, M. Richter, A. Knorr, A. C. Ferrari, and G. Cerullo. OSA Technical Digest, FW3M.4 (2019). 

453. Waveguide Integrated CVD Graphene Photo-Thermo-Electric Detector With >40GHz Bandwidth. S. Marconi, V. Miseikis, M. A. Giambra, A. Montanaro, V. Sorianello, B. Torres, I. Goykhman, C. Coletti, F. Koppens, A. C. Ferrari, and M. Romagnoli. OSA Technical Digest, STh4N.2 (2019).

452. Strong Exciton-Coherent Phonon Coupling In Single-Layer MoS2. C. Trovatello, H. P. C. Miranda, A. Molina-Sánchez, R. B. Varillas, L. Moretti, L. Ganzer, M. Maiuri, G. Soavi, A. C. Ferrari, A. Marini, L. Wirtz, G. Cerullo, D. Sangalli, and S. D. Conte. OSA Technical Digest, FW3M.7 (2019)

451. Graphene Overcoats for Ultra-High Storage Density Magnetic Media. N. Dwivedi, A. K. Ott, K. Sasikumar, C. Dou, R. J. Yeo, B. Narayanan, U. Sassi, D. De Fazio, G. Soavi, T. Dutta, S. K. R. S. Sankaranarayanan, A. C. Ferrari, C. S. Bhatia. arXiv:1906.00338. (pdf).

450. Optoelectronic mixing with high frequency graphene transistors. Alberto Montanaro, Wei Wei, Domenico De Fazio, Ugo Sassi, Giancarlo Soavi, Andrea C Ferrari, Henri Happy, Pierre Legagneux, Emiliano Pallecchi. arXiv:1905.09967. (pdf). 

449. Waveguide-integrated, plasmonic enhanced graphene photodetectors. J. E. Muench, A. Ruocco, M. A. Giambra, V. Miseikis, D. Zhang, J. Wang, H. F. Y. Watson, G. C. Park, S. Akhavan, V. Sorianello, M. Midrio, A. Tomadin, C. Coletti, M. Romagnoli, A. C. Ferrari, I. Goykhman. Nano Lett. 19, 7632 (2019). (pdf).

448. High-mobility, wet-transferred graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition. D. De Fazio, D. G. Purdie, A. K. Ott, P. Braeuninger-Weimer, T. Khodkov, S. Goossens, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, P. Livreri, F. H. L. Koppens, S. Hofmann, I. Goykhman, A. C. Ferrari, A. Lombardo. ACS Nano 13, 8926 (2019). (pdf).

447. Photocatalytic activity of exfoliated graphite-TiO2 nanocomposites. Gloria Guidetti, Eva A.A.Pogna, Lucia Lombardi, Flavia Tomarchio, Iryna Polishchuk, Rick R. M. Joosten, Alessandro Ianiro, Giancarlo Soavi, Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk, Heiner Friedrich, Boaz Pokroy, Marco Goisis, Francesco Zerbetto, Giuseppe Falini, Matteo Calvaresi, Andrea C. Ferrari, Giulio Cerullo, Marco Montalti. Nanoscale 11, 19301 (2019)(pdf).

446. Niobium diselenide superconducting photodetectors. Gavin J. Orchin, Domenico De Fazio, Angelo Di Bernardo, Matthew Hamer, Duhee Yoon, Alisson R. Cadore, Ilya Goykhman, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Jason W. A. Robinson, Roman V. Gorbachev, Andrea C. Ferrari, Robert H. Hadfield. arXiv:1903.02528. (pdf).

445. Hot electrons modulation of third harmonic generation in graphene. G. Soavi, G. Wang, H. Rostami, A. Tomadin, O. Balci, I. Paradeisanos, E.A.A. Pogna, G. Cerullo, E. Lidorikis, M. Polini, A. C. Ferrari. ACS Photonics 6, 2841 (2019)(pdf).

444. Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy of single and multi-layer graphene. A. Virga, C. Ferrante, G. Batignani, D. De Fazio, A. D. G. Nunn, A. C. Ferrari, G. Cerullo, T. Scopigno. Nat. Commun. 103658 (2019). (pdf). 


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Cambridge Graphene Centre: a springboard for talents

2 March 2023

Image caption: CGC alumni clockwise from top left: Ellen Smith, Anna Ott, Silvia Milana, Flavia Tomarchio The mission of the Cambridge Graphene Centre is to investigate the science and technology of graphene, carbon allotropes, layered crystals and hybrid nanomaterials. Throughout its first decade as a locus for pioneering...

Graphene Goes to Space and to the Moon

9 December 2022

New rocket and lunar experiments involving graphene are informing space exploration. Applying graphene to the wheels of the Rashid moon rover will reveal whether this super strong material is also ‘Moon-proof’. Meanwhile, testing graphene-inks in a sounding rocket will test their ability to enable 3D printing in space –...

CGC receives European Innovation Council ‘Transition Grant’ to develop cancer imaging technologies

14 February 2022

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded the first Transition Grant to the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. The project CHARM —chemometric histopathology via coherent Raman imaging for precision medicine— has received over €3.2 million to develop new medical imaging technologies . EIC...