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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

Our Energy storage lab stored energy.


For access to the lab, or for any general training, please contact the lab leader (Mr. James Faulkner) or their deputy (Dr. Jing Wan).  For training on any of the equipment, please contact the Principal User or their deputy for the listed equipment.

All equipment in the Energy Storage lab needs to be booked before use. The booking system can be found here.


Battery Cyclers

Principal UserMr. James Faulkner

DeputyDr. Jing Wan


Battery Cyclers in assortment.

Please contact Lab Leaders for details.



Argon Glovebox

Principal UserMr. James Faulkner

DeputyDr. Jing Wan


The MBRAUN UNIlab Plus glovebox workstation has been designed to meet the specification of various applications. Compared to the LABstar workstation the UNIlab Plus provides you and your research team with added features including the UNIlab gas purification system with SP/DP configuration. A PLC-M. Braun controller* is also provided as a standard feature. Other built-in features of the UNIlab Plus Workstation include stand, integrated high vacuum feedthroughs, and a stainless steel encapsulated blower.

  • Stainless steel design with polycarbonate window
  • Closed Loop Recirculation
  • DN 40 KF Ports and Electrical Ports
  • Large antechamber with sliding tray
  • UNIlab inert gas purification system
  • PLC-M. Braun Controller
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Automatic box pressure control with foot switch
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Vacuum pump
  • High efficiency box filters HEPA H13
  • Analogue box pressure sensor
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Castors for easy mobility
  • Leveling feet
  • Stand
  • Light hood with anti-reflection film

Hot Roller


Principal UserMr. James Faulkner

DeputyDr. Jing Wan


MSK-HRP-01 is compact Hot Rolling Cylinder Press with a max working temperature of 100°C. The tool is designed to increase the active material density of electrodes after coating in Li-ion battery research. It has a pair of 100mm width steel rollers with a heating capacity of 100°C max.

Sartorius Micro Balance

Principal UserMr. James Faulkner

DeputyDr. Jing Wan


  • Wherever maximum accuracy is required, even for minimal sample quantities
  • Serial weighing that benefits from very fast response times and a fully automatic draft shield
  • µg-accurate weighing of toxic, hygroscopic, or heavily oxidizing samples can be done in laminar flow boxes, glove boxes or under fume hoods
  • Areas with strict demands on cleanliness
  • Differential weighing (ashing or incineration, drying, measurement of coatings, checking spillage quantities, etc.)
  • Mass determination that allows for air buoyancy
  • Air density determination for metrological weight analyses
  • Complete calibration, adjustment and documentation routines for monitoring test and measuring equipment when integrated into a quality system 

VSP-300 Potentiostat

Principal UserMr. James Faulkner

DeputyDr. Jing Wan

The VSP-300 multichannel potentiostat / galvanostat offering 6 slots to set from 1 to 6 channel boards. Each channel board can accomodate an ultra low current cable and can be  associated with one or several booster kits. Two kinds of booster kits are available: ±4 A / 14 V and ±1 A / 48 V. Up to five boosters of 4A can be plugged in one VSP-300 chassis. They can be  parallelized to reach up to 20 A. Each channel board can be equipped with a linear scan generator. Not only a  multichannel system, this instrument can be controlled independently by several  users thanks to the LAN connection.

Gas Sorption Analyzer (BET instrument)

Principal User: Dr. Youngji Ham

DeputyMr. James Faulkner


Simultaneous surface area and pore size analysis of up to four samples with NOVA 4200 for dramatic increase in productivity. Degas up to four samples while pore size and surface area analysis is in progress for maximum throughput. 

Automatic surface area and pore size analysis, computation, display and printing of results. Wide variety of sample cells to accommodate any sample.  Compact, benchtop design to conserve valuable lab space.  Protective doors for safety. 


When in the Energy Storage Lab, please follow the local rules, downloadable here.


Photos by Samuel Curtis Photography