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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

Below, you can find the list of equipment available in Class 100 Cleanroom. A few are already available for use, others are being installed and will become available later.

Please use the booking system to use the equipment.


Electron-Beam Lithography (Royce EBL Suite)


Model: EBPG 5200, Raith GMBH

A state-of-the-art high-resolution/throughput Electron-Beam Lithography system capable of exposing 8-inch waters.

Users in charge:

Mr Jonathan Griffiths

Laser Writer

Principal User: Matteo Tiberi

Deputy UserChao Wen

Model: LW-405B+, Microtech Srl


Used for the direct-write contactless optical lithography. Available wavelengths: 385 and 405nm. Best resolution (linewidth) is 0.6micron.




Principal UserChao Wen

Deputy UserMatteo Tiberi


Model: Obducat Eitre 6 with UV curing option.

The tool is used for high resolution nanoimprinting. 


Resist Preparation wetbench

The wetbench is equipped with three spinners and four precision hotplates from EMS.


Processes available:

- SU-8 negative photo-resists

- AZ/LOR positive and negative photo-resists

- PMMA/ZEP e-beam resists


Principal UserMatteo Tiberi

Deputy User: Chao Wen

Development and Cleaning wetbench

This wetbench is used for preparation of samples for lithography, as well post-processing (development, etc.)



Principal UserMatteo Tiberi

Deputy UserChao Wen

Acid and HF WetBench



Leader: Dr Jincan Zhang

Deputy: Matteo Tiberi




Triple Furnace

Principal UserDr Jincan Zhang

Deputy User: Chao Wen

The tool is used for deep oxidation of Si