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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

Studying at Cambridge



Our SEM lab is for examining structures on the nano-scale, and analysing the elemental content using the EDX.


For access to the lab, or for any general training, please contact the lab leader Mrs Tahmida Huq, or their deputy Dr Amin Taheri. For training on any of the equipment, please contact the Principal User or their deputy for the listed equipment.

All equipment in the SEM Lab needs to be booked before use. The booking system can be found here.



Model: FEI Magellan 400

SEM equipped with a load-lock, an in-lens and a back-scatter secondary electron detectors (normal imaging), Bruker X-ray detector (elemental analysis), stage bias (imaging dielectric samples), two CCDs for sample navigation and stage side view.

Principal User: Mrs Tahmida Huq
Deputy: Dr Amin Taheri

Sputter Coater

Quick and easy way to sputter-deposit conducting layers of Al, Au and C onto samples before SEM. This tool is to be used ONLY in conjunction with SEM work.

Principal User: Tahmida Huq
Deputy: Dr Amin Taheri


When in the SEM laboratory, please follow the local rules, downloadable here.


Photos by Samuel Curtis Photography