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Cambridge Graphene Centre

Research Centre on Graphene, Layered Crystals and Hybrid Nanomaterials

On 25th May, the Cambridge Graphene Centre’s industrial partners will gather in Cambridge for a day of networking, exhibitions and panel discussions.

Building on the successful event of 2015, the Graphene Technology Day at the Cambridge Graphene Centre will showcase exciting products and prototypes of graphene technologies across the graphene industry in the UK.

A range of international and UK-based companies, including Haydale, Nokia, Versarien and Talga, will demonstrate their products, prototypes and techniques for graphene-based technologies in the carefully curated exhibition. The exceptionally strong Cambridge community of graphene-based research and development will also be represented, with exhibitors from the local area including FlexEnable, Novalia, Emberion, Graphitene and Aixtron.

The CGC maintains strong partnerships with various companies, developing its research programmes to align with industry needs. These partnerships promote rapid technology development, and provide excellent opportunities for students at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology to work directly with industrial researchers.

Student engagement is a key focus of the day. As well as selected presentations from students working with industry partners on collaborative research, there are also excellent networking opportunities. A speed-networking session will allow students to meet directly with company representatives to identify key issues for industry and speed up technology transfer from research to commercialisation. Representatives from the EPSRC will also be present at the Technology Day, in preparation for a meeting of the CDT Industrial Advisory board the next day.

In-depth panel discussions will focus on key questions in graphene technologies, with panels of industry experts working directly in these sectors. The topics – Production and Composites, Electronics, Flexible Electronics – reflect major areas of opportunity and challenge for graphene research and development. The industry perspectives on these challenges and potential solutions gives crucial insight to drive research and technology transfer.

Understanding the landscape of graphene research and markets is essential to developing commercial graphene technologies. Terrance Barkan of The Graphene Council will present the results of an extensive global survey of the graphene industry.  The Graphene Council’s is a global community of academic and industry researchers, companies, investors and regulatory agencies working with graphene.

The CGC Graphene Technology Day will be an excellent opportunity strengthen the relationship with the centre’s industrial partners, promoting effect technology transfer from academic research to commercial products and processes. 

The event is open to all, but to get a idea of numbers, please email Arianna Pezzuolo if you are interested in coming.

Click here to see the Graphene Technology Day programme.

Click here to see the flyer for the day.


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